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James W. Ramsey, Professor Emeritus

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Minnesota at Twin Cities
E-mail: jwramsey@me.umn.edu; Telephone: (612) 625-8390
Ph.D., 1969, M.S., 1965, B.S., 1961, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
Research Interests

Primary research interests lie in the areas of heat transfer and fluid mechanics with emphasis on their application to thermal environmental engineering and solar energy. Also of interest is the general area of HVAC equipment, systems, and controls. Experimental and numerical studies are being performed on the combined heat and mass transport in buildings. Simulations are being developed to predict air flow, contaminant transport, and moisture storage in rooms with various inlet diffusers and obstructions. Field studies and laboratory experiments, conducted in a half-sized ventilation chamber, are used to establish the accuracy of the numerical simulations.

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Thomas Kuehn

Professor Emeritus

James Ramsey

Research Associate

Bernard Olson

Graduate Students

Ben Adams
Andy Mevissen
Brian Janke
Zhili Zuo
Song Ge

Undergraduate Students

Michael Hentges


Weihua Tang
Meng Zhang
Joshua Rocklage
Nicholas Stanley
Nikhil Ramesh


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