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Thomas H. Kuehn, Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Director of Environmental Division
University of Minnesota at Twin Cities
E-mail: kuehn001@umn.edu; Telephone: (612) 625-4520
ASME Fellow, ASHRAE Fellow
Ph.D., 1976, M.S., 1973, B.S., 1971, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
Research Interests

Research interests include experimental and numerical studies of fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, and aerosol science related to energy utilization, airborne disease transmission and indoor environments in buildings. Recent projects include the determination of background concentrations of selected bacteria and virus aerosols in large public buildings in the U.S., methods to quantify and the effect of environmental parameters on microbial growth on loaded ventilation filters, the fate of engineered nanoparticles accidentally released into an indoor environment, and methods to accurately determine the concentration and size distribution of naturally generated animal and human viral aerosols. Several studies have been conducted on commercial kitchens including the characterization of the particulate and gaseous emissions from 17 different cooking appliances and food products, determination of the particle capture efficiency versus particle size for grease filters, determination of the effect of exhaust velocity on grease particle deposition rates in exhaust ductwork, and the development of a standard protocol for air flow balancing in new kitchen facilities. Impacts include the reduction in allowed minimum air velocity in kitchen exhaust ducts in the U.S. (National Fire Protection Association 96), the development of ASTM F2519-05 (Standard Test Method for Grease Particle Capture Efficiency of Commercial Kitchen Filters and Extractors), and technical support for the development of commercial kitchen emission regulations in the San Francisco bay area (Bay Area Air Quality Management District, 2007, Regulation 6, Rule 2; Commercial Cooking Equipment).

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Thomas Kuehn

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