Flow Viz
Heat/Mass Transfer

What's new...
In our current studies we are examining the effects of flow disturbances on the turbine blade heat/mass transfer coefficient distributions. In turbines, the flow that the turbine blades experience is characterized by high turbulence levels, large turbulence length scales and periodic disturbances due to wakes that are in relative motion between successive blade rows. All these aspects of the disturbed flow field are topics of our current studies.

What's next...
Topics for our future work include: examination of film cooling on the turbine blade surfaces and at the endwall; engineering methods to reduce the strength and effects of the secondary flow field on heat transfer and flow losses; examination of blade-tip leakage with and without film cooling at the blade tip. These investigations will begin shortly.

Recent Publications

H. P. Wang, S. J. Olson, R. J. Goldstein and E. R. G. Eckert, Flow Visualization in a Linear Turbine Cascade of High Performance Turbine Blades, ASME Paper 95-GT-7, International Gas Turbine Institute Conference, Houston, Texas, 1995. Also, Journal of Turbomachinery, Vol. 119, No. 1, pp. 1-8, 1997.

R. J. Goldstein, E. R. G. Eckert, H. P. Wang and S. J. Olson, Effects of Blade Profile on Turbine Blade Heat (Mass) Transfer, Process, Enhanced and Multiphase Heat Transfer - A Symposium in Honor of Professor Arthur E. Bergles, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, November 16, 1996.

H. P. Wang, S. J. Olson and R. J. Goldstein, Secondary Flows in the Blade-Endwall Region of a Turbine Cascade, Symposium on Thermal Science and Engineering in Honor of Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien, University of California, Berkeley, California, Nov. 14, 1995.