Film Cooling Laboratory
Flow and Thermal Measurements in Film Cooling Flows

Steve Burd and Richard Kaszeta

Heat Transfer Laboratory, University of Minnesota

Mission Statement:

In supporting the current needs and state-of-the-art in the gas turbine community, the fundamental goal of this research program is to provide detailed experimental documentation of flow and heat transfer phenomena in film cooling flows. To date, detailed documentation of mean flow fields, local turbulence distributions, transport quantities, and surface heat transfer in an "engine-representative" film-cooling environment has eluded researchers. Many of these items have been provided through this research program via experimental measurements with hot-wire anemometry and thermocouple techniques. In addition, sensitivities of film cooling flows to the hole and supply plenum geometries have also been an unsettled issue. Further experimental documentation of the effects of hole and supply plenum geometry on film cooling performance has also been provided. The documentation provided is critical to the basic understanding of mainflow-coolant interactions and for supporting accurate computational models.

Turbulent and Convective Heat Transfer
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Department of Mechanical Engineering

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