Solar Energy Laboratory


The University of Minnesota's Solar Energy Laboratory specializes in development of solar technologies for a wide range of applications including high-temperature cycles that utilize concentrated solar radiation for fuel and chemical production, and low-temperature distributed solar systems for space heating, cooling and hot water.




The solar lab welcomes new Doctoral students Jesse Fosheim and Daniel Nigon, as well as Masters students Jasper Adamek-Bowers and Krishna Sandeep Prada to the team.


Doctoral students Rohini Bala Chandran, Adam Gladen, and Peter Krenzke were awarded Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships from the University of Minnesota Graduate School.


An Open House celebrating a mural painting in the Solar Energy Laboratory was held on Thursday, January 23. The mural, painted by artist C. Ruth Mason, depicts a vision of the work in the laboratory devoted to conversion of sunlight to fuel.


Former doctoral student Brandon Hathaway is now the lead research scientist at the Solar Energy Laboratory.


Former doctoral students Luke Venstrom and Daniel Keene accept faculty positions. Dr. Venstrom is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Valparaiso University. Dr. Keene is an Assistant Professor of Engineering at Seattle Pacific University.