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Manufactured panelized roof system for residential buildings

This paper describes the design and application of a self-supporting and insulated panelized residential roof/attic system. An overview of the design methodology is presented for a panel concept that has been prototyped and tested for structural performance. The truss core concept has separate structural and insulating components integrated into a single panel at an offsite manufacturing facility. The structural component is comprised of two thin metal face sheets and an internal metal web. The web extends the entire length of the panel from soffit to ridge. The insulation is foamed-in-place during manufacture either on the interior or exterior of the structural member as appropriate for the climate. A finish sheet is applied to form the exterior roof or interior finish. Connections between panels and at the soffit and ridge are designed to address water vapor management, structural requirements, and desired architectural features. Application of the panelized roof to an energy efficient home in a warm humid climate is provided in a case study.

Fig. 1: Web core panelized roof system for residential buildings