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Polymer Mechanics Laboratory

Former Graduate Students

Matthew Stegmeir, 2011, "Investigation of Microcantilever Beams in Bubble Flow"
Casey Briscoe, 2010, "Design of Lightweight Web Core Sandwich Panels and Application to Residential Roofs"
S. Ali Mubassar, 2009, "Longterm Mechanical Performance of MEMS in Liquid Enviornments"
Liyong Sun, 2007, "Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Experiments in the Large Scale Mock up of a Microfabricated Stirling Engine
Zhihua Li, 2005, "Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Streamlined Tubes in Polymer Heat Exchangers"
Tikeswar Naik, 2003, "Fluid-Structure Interactions of Resonant Cantilevers in Liquids and Liquid-Solid Suspensions Near a Solid Wall"
Chunhui Wu, 2003, "Failure Mechanism in Multilayered, Viscoelastic Polymer Structures"
Sanjay Parthasarathy, 2002, "Real Time Control of Liquid Composite Molding Processes"
Li Cao, 2000, "Design, Simulation, Fabrication and Testing of an Implantable Micropump for Use in Medical Drug Delivery Systems"
Wei-Ching Sun, 1998, "Modeling, Control and Bond Quality Verification for the In-situ Termoplastic Composite Tape-Laying Process"
Charles Hautamaki, 1998, "Discrete Embedded Microsensors in Laminated Composites"
Elizabeth Linstrom, 1997, "An Investigation Into the Use of Surface Waves for the Real Time Inspection of Polymer Composites During
Jen-Yue Robert Duh, 1996, "Polymer Kinetics Parameter Estimation for Stuctural Reaction Injection Molding/Resin Transfer Molding"

MS Thesis
Emily Gras, 2009, "Techniques to Identify the Magnetic Susceptibility of Subcellular Organelles: A Feasibility Analysis"
William Camisa, 2009, "Antioxidant Loss in Polyethylene Exposed to Chlorinated Water"
Giovanni Luca di Muoio, 2008, "Investigation of a light Gage Steel Panelized Roof System for Residential Applications"
Matthew Royer, 2008, "Calcium Carbonate Scale Removal from Polypropylene and Copper Tubes"
Ben Schoenbauer, 2007, "Hygrothermal Analysis of Insulated Structural Roof Panels"
Brian Beaubian, 2007
Vishard Ragoonanan, 2005, "Divided Storage in an Inderect Integral Collector Storage with an Immersed Heat Exchanger"
Kakie McGill, 2005, "Calcium Carbonate Scaling of Polymers in Isothermal, Stagnant Water"
Daniel Thomas, 2005, "Structural Analysis of Sandwich Panels for Residential Roof Construction"
Meghan Kearney, 2004, "Venting for Overheat Protection of Flat-Plate Solar Collectors"
Andrew Freeman, 2004, "Mechanical Performance of Polymer Tubes Intended for Use in Solar Heat Exchangers"
Hendru Luis, 2004, "Dynamic Behavior of Electromagnetically Actuated Microbeams in Liquid Enviornments"
Tim Jackson, 2003, "Performance of Termally Actuated MEMS Shuttle Plates in Liquids"
Troy Pongratz, 2002, "Mechanical Performance of glass Fiber Reinforced Perforated Plastic Plates"
Daniel Wolters, 2001, "PZT Actuated Micro Beams for Normal Motion in Liquid Enviornments"
Peter Engblom, 2000, "Noncontact Thickness Measurement of Plasma Spray Coatings"
Marie Ann Guion, 1999, "A Design Study of Fixation Methods for a Hip Replacement Acetabular Component"
Ben Zurn, 1999, "Nondestructive Evaluation of Laminated Composites using Raleigh Waves"
Raghu Raman, 1999, "Mechanical Design of a Polymer Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchanger"
Liyang Zhao, 1999, "Filament Winding Process Analysis Using the Finite Element Method"
Eva Moy, 1997, "Cost Analysis Model for Manufacture of Composite Parts"
Justin Michael Sheard, 1996, "Determination of Fiber Preform Permeablility Along Edges in Resin Transfer Molding"
Abhimanyu Banerjee, 1996, "Filament Winding Process Model"
Ling Sun, 1995, "Process Model for Filament Winding of Thermosetting Matrix Composite Cylinders"
Mark Desjardin, 1995, "Investigation of Tape Layering of Thermoplastic Matrix Composite Model and Experimental Validation"
Jean Marie Beloy, 1993, "An Investigation of Process Parameters for In Situ Consiolidation of Thermoplastic Matrix Composites"

Research Projects
Clayton Fitzgerald, 2009
Grace Kim, 2008
George Metzger, 2008, "Development of a Test Apparatus for Evaluating Antioxidant Loss in Polymers"
Tom Kuehn, 2007, "Design of Stiffened Foam Sandwich Panels for Residential Roof Applications"
Frank Frederickson, 2006, "Microneedle Mold Fabrication by Direct Impressioning"
Sameer Bhapkar, 2005, "Formulation and Implementation of Higher Pair Joints in the Multibody Dynamics Software"
Matthew Steigmeir, 2005, "Bubbly Flow and Microcantilevers"
Mike Eggen, 2005, "Mechanical Behavior of Random Fiber Composite Perforated Plates"
Colin Senhert, 2003, "Linearity Improvement of a Linear Resistive Transducer through the Use of a Controllable Microchip"
Sudu Betigeri, 2003, "Modeling of Compaction and Impregnation of Fibers During Filament Winding"
Brian McHenry, 2002, "Optimization of a Piezoresistive Material on a MEMS Cantilever Beam"
Tikeswar Naik, 2002, "Model of Normal Motion of a microbeam Immersed in a Liquid"
Henry Jerome, 2001, "Finite Element Model for Autoclave Curing"
Luigi Ottoboni, 2000, "A MEMS Based Drug Screening Device"
Reed McPeak, 1998, "Modified Finite Element Model of Wet Winding"
Kurt Krebsbach, 1998, "Void Reduction Simulation for an Injection Molded Housing"
Treavor McCollough, 1998, "Characterization of Thin Film Mechanical Properties"
Chris Zwettler, 1997, "Tape Cartridge Design"
Misha Drashkovich, 1996, "Injection Molding Experiments"
Brent Hoiness, 1994, "Composite Beam Design Optimization"
Mohammed Al Sharif, 1994, "Photocurable Polymer Processing"
Elizabeth Linstrom, 1993, "Consolidation Mechanism in Tape Laying"
Duncan Wood, 1993, "Tape Laying Apparatus Design"