University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering

Principle Investigator

Rusen Yang picture

Rusen Yang

Richard and Barbara Nelson Assistant Professor
McKnight Land-Grant Professor, 2013-2015
Department of Mechanical Engineering
111 Church Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: (612) 626-4318 Email: yangr[at]

Postdoc, Georgia Tech (2007-2010)
Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Tech (2007)
M.S., Condensed Matter Physics, Jilin University, China (2001)
B.S., Physics, Jilin University, China (1998)

Postdocs and Visiting Scholars

Jianlin picture

Jianlin Chen

Visiting Professor
Changsha University of Science and Technology

Graduate Student

Vu Nguyen picture

Vu Nguyen

Ph.D Candidate
B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (2012)

Kory Jenkins picture

Kory Jenkins

Ph.D Candidate
B.S. Aerospace Eng. and Mechanics
U of MN-Twin Cities

Undergraduate Student

Alexander Jurcoi picture

Alexander Jurcoi

Undergraduate student
University of Minnesota

Brandon Maas picture

Brandon Maas

Undergraduate student
University of Minnesota

Steve Kelly picture

Steve Kelly

Undergraduate student
University of Minnesota

Kenny Ostyn Harsono picture

Kenny Ostyn Harsono

Undergraduate student
University of Minnesota

Former Group Members

Haiwu Zheng Visiting Professor, Henan University
Huimin Hao Visiting Professor, Taiyuan University of Technology
(Personal site)
Kayla Bohlke Undergraduate Student, University of Maryland
(Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Programs)
Xiaowen Huang Undergraduate Student 2015-2016
Ren Zhu Ph.D. Student
Topic: Piezoelectric Nanostructures - Synthesis, Alignment, and Electrical Response to Strain
Yicong Lai Undergraduate Student 2013-2014
Kha Le Undergraduate Student (NSF-REU) 2014
Wengui Zhang M.S. Student
Topic: Highly Sensitive and Flexible Strain Sensor Based on Piezotronic Effect with Vertical ZnO Nanowire Arrays
Toby Hansen Undergraduate Student (NSF-REU) 2013
Zhengmu Wang Undergraduate Student 2013
Tony Cui Undergraduate Student (UROP) 2013
Samuel Hu Undergraduate Student 2013
Chao Li Post Doctoral Fellow 2011-2012
Harsh Mankodi Undergraduate Student (UROP, University Honors Program) 2011-2012