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Congratulations to Mark Gilbertson, he was awarded the IDF Fellowship!

Congratulations to Darrin Beekman on completing his Ph.D!
Congratulations to John O'Neill on completing his Ph.D!
Congratulations to Rodney Dockter on completing his Ph.D!
MRD lab members will be presenting an accepted paper at the IEEE ICRA 2017 in Singapore. See the video announcement.
MRD lab members will be presenting accepted papers at the 2017 International Conference on Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery in Barcelona, Spain.

The MRD lab has moved backed to ME 261 into a newly remodeled space.

Congratulations Cory Schaffhausen on completing his Ph.D. and his appointment to the College of Design Faculty!
Congratulations Rodney Dockter, Mark Gilbertson, and Trevor Stephens on passing their preliminary exams.
Congratulations Trevor Stephens and Gillian McDonald on receiving the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!
Congratulations Rodney Dockter on receiving the University of Minnesota Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship

Fall 2014
The MRD lab has moved during renovation of the Mechanical Engineering buidling.
We are now temporarily located in the Medical Devices Center located in the Mayo building.

Congratulations John O'Neill on passing the preliminary exam.

Summer 2014
Congratulations Sachin Bijadi for successfully completing the Masters degree.