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Assistant Professor Vinod Srinivasan

Vinod Srinivasan earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota. Research in the Lab investigates fundamental transport phenomena that are often critical to energy production, storage and conservation. Major areas of research include phase change heat transfer relevant to Rankine cycle based thermal power plants, electrohydrodynamic heat transfer for enhancing condensation and evaporation phenomena in heat exchangers, heat transfer in solar-thermal power plants, such as instabilities in thermal storage media, and radiative heat transfer in solar receiver systems. In addition, there is a significant effort towards examining the utility of linear stability theory in predicting the onset of experimentally observed global modes in several classes of flows, such as variable property jets and wakes, and spray atomization of high-viscosity liquid jets.


bandChinmayi Band



Chinmayi received a B.E in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pune, India and is currently a master's student at the University of Minnesota. She works experimental studies on atomization of a class of non-Newtonian fluids. Previously she worked with Eaton Corporation as a Lean change agent wherein she promoted Lean Manufacturing and Six sigma. Her avocations include reading, hiking, biking and photography.


chenXingya Chen



Xingya Chen is a PhD candidate at Xi’an Jiaotong University. He is visiting the University of Minnesota as a research scholar for one year. He is currently building a Temperature Sensitive Paint-based technique for studying heat transfer in gas turbine systems.


sankarSankagarganesh Muthukrishnan



Sankar started pursuing his PhD at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India in fall 2014 and continued his doctoral research at UofM, Twin cities since fall 2016. His research topic is focused on phase-change cooling of electronic chips using multiplex electro-sprays. His research interests include droplet and spray dynamics, heat transfer in thin films and linear stability analysis of shear flows. His hobbies are cooking, reading biographies, novels and weight training.


imagenameAnkit Saini



Ankit enrolled in the mechanical engineering PhD program in Fall 2016 after completing a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Punjab Engineering College in India. He plans to work on characterizing the onset of critical heat flux in pool boiling. In his free time, he likes to bike, watch movie trailers and follow the unfortunate travails of Arsenal football club with misplaced optimism (in Arsene, he trusts!).