New Version

We are continuing the development of LINCAGES-2000, the new version of LINCAGES compatible with Windows NT.  The new version incorporates the attractive and useful features of the previous versions.  Supporting software will be used to make it compatible with different platforms.  It is also designed to be compatible with other CAD/ CAM software.

If you are interested in the Windows version please let us know.

Here are some screen shots of the new version.

A mechanism pops up by default as the program is started:

Precision points can be changed easily by clicking and dragging them or through menus:

Guide map displays the solution space and helps to perform design iterations enormously fast:

Plots of velocity, acceleration, and transmission angle assist in analyzing the linkage:

Background objects (design constraints) can be inserted around the linkage easily so that the environment in which the linkages operates is simulated more realistically:

Linkage information tables help find out the parameters of the linkage designed: