LINCAGES Product Development Team would like to offer you the opportunity to contribute your ideas to the new (Windows) version of the software.
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  1. During what period of time have you used LINCAGES? 
  2. I have used LINCAGES on IRIX

  3. I have used LINCAGES on Macintosh
    I have used LINCAGES on DOS
    I have used LINCAGES on Solaris
  4. In your opinion, how valuable at your company/ workplace is LINCAGES? 
  5. Very
    Not Very
    Not At All

  6. How long did it take you to effectively use this software? 
  7. One Day
    One Week
    One Month
    Several Months

  8. How user-friendly do you think LINCAGES is? 
  9. Very
    Not Very
    Not At All

  10. What features would you like to add to the new Windows NT version? 
  11. Do you find the current features working as intended? 
  12. Yes

    If not, which features do not work properly? 

  13. We are considering several pricing strategies. At your company, what would be an acceptable level of price for the Windows version? 
  14. Less Than $2000
    More Than $8000

  15. Have you found an acceptable competing software for LINCAGES? 
  16. Yes

    If so, what is the name of that software? 

  17. What other software would you like LINCAGES to be compatible with? 
  18. What product or product subsystems have you designed using LINCAGES? 
  19. If you discontinued using LINCAGES, what was your primary reason for doing so? 
  20. How many people are employed in your organization that have/ had access to LINCAGES? 
  21. Less Than 10
    More Than 500

  22. What percentage of employees in your organization use CAD/ CAM software? 
  23. Less Than 10
    More Than 75

  24. Would you like to participate in a beta test of the new version? 
  25. Yes

  26. What else would you like to share with us?

Thank you very much for your feedback.