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Name: Prof. Steven Girshick
Position: Professor of Mechanical Engineering and HTPL Director
Education: S.B., 1970, Humanities & Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.S., 1981, Ph.D., 1985, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
Biography: Research interests include plasma synthesis of nanoparticles, development of methods for processing nanoparticles after they are synthesized, computational modeling of nanodusty plasmas, and nucleation theory. Prof. Girshick's current focus is on theory and computational modeling of nonthermal nanodusty plasmas.
Name: Prof. Uwe Kortshagen
Position: Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Mechanical Engineering Department Head
Education: Dipl. Physics, 1988, University of Bochum, Germany; Dr. rer. nat., 1991, Physics, University of Bochum, Germany; Habilitation, 1995, Experimental Physics, University of Bochum, Germany
Biography: Primary research interest is in plasma processes for advanced technological applications. Recent investigations are concerned with radio frequency sustained plasmas used for semiconductor manufacturing and for advanced light sources. These studies include probe diagnostics of the plasma electrons, measurements of the ion energy distribution, optical emission and absorption plasma spectroscopy, and multidimensional kinetic, numerical modeling of complete discharge systems. Further research interests are in plasma chemistry and nanoparticle generation in plasmas.
Name: Prof. Peter Bruggeman
Position: Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Education: Msc. Physics, 2005, Msc. Engineering: Applied Physics 2005, PhD, Applied Physics, 2008, Ghent University, Belgium
Biography: Primary research interests are in plasma processes for environmental, biomedical and renewable energy technologies. In these processes the unique large reactivity of atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasmas in their interaction with matter is investigated. Recent work is concerned with research and characterization of novel medical plasma devices for wound healing, optimizing and investigating plasma technologies for disinfection, environmental remediation and conversion processes for energy applications. These studies include laser induced fluorescence, optical emission spectroscopy, laser scattering, absorption spectroscopy and mass spectrometry to measure plasma properties and reactive species densities. Further research interests are in plasma chemistry, plasma-liquid interaction and plasma synthesis processes.

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Postdocs and Visiting Scholars


  • Name: Sadhana Mishra
  • Email:
  • Advisor: Prof. Kortshagen
  • Research: Enhancement of thermoelectric properties of silicon germanium nanoparticles
  • Name: Kelsey Mork
  • Email:
  • Advisor: Prof. Kortshagen
  • Research: Thermoelectric enhancement of silicon germanium nanoparticles