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Research Projects

ARPA-E: Cloud Connected Delivery Vehicles: Boosting Fuel Economy using Physics-Aware Spatiotemporal Data Analytics and Realtime Powertrain Control

Data Driven Approach to Vehicle Emissions Reduction

Novel Vehicle Mass-Based Automated Passenger Counter For Transit Applications

Characterization of Ash Emissions from Diesel Engine Combustion

Development of Dual-Fuel Hydrous Ethanol Systems for Diesel Engines

Reducing Emissions from Open Burning through Biomass Gasification

High Equivalence Ratio Partial Oxidation of Liquid Fuels by Reactive Volatilization

Reducing Winter Maintenance Equipment Fuel Consumption Using Advanced Vehicle Data Analytics

Techno-Economic Analysis of Implementing Hybrid Electric Utility Vehicles in Municipal Fleets


Previous Projects

Semivolatile Particle Emissions from Low Temperature Diesel Combustion

Cold Start Emissions from GDI Vehicles

Hydrous Ethanol for use in Diesel Engine using Dual Fuel Modes

Performance and Emissions of Second Generation Biofuel DME

Enabling the Next Generation of Super Hybrid Transit Bus

An Aerosolization Method for Measuring Diesel Fuel Contaminants

Characterization of Biomass Gasification Engine Generator Systems


Research Program

Vehicle Powertrain and Routing Co-Optimization


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