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Cool MEMS Group

The primary goal of the Cool MEMS group is the development and demonstration of air-cooled exchangers that offer significant reductions in thermal resistance (from case to air) and significant reductions in the total electrical power used to force the air through the system.

Recent News

Professors Tianhong Cui and Terrence W. Simon have been awarded a research grant to develop "Active Heat Sink Technology" for the cooling of electronics using the advanced MEMS and nanotechnology. Phase I and II of this research grant from DARPA/MTO provides $3.4 million in funding over the next four years, two years with an anticipated extension of another two years.

darpa        thermacore

                                                                             (Image from NIST)
                                                              (Image from Exponent, Inc.)
                                                  (Image from Ovation Polymers, Inc.)