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05/29/15 Cancer Animal Core Established as an IEM Affiliated Lab

In response to the increasing demand for cancer research resources amond IEM Members, the Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IEM) has funded the establishment of an affiliate laboratory, the Cancer Animal Core (CAC), which provides service to IEM members and the community. What makes the CAC especially unique on campus is its capability to test devices and therapeautics, its access to a variety of cancer imaging modalities, and its accessibility to researchers new to the use of animals, according to CAC Director Dr. John Bischof, a Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Mechanical Engineering and IEM Associate Director for Development.

The CAC also offers users a full range of cancer research services in the management of animals, cell lines, tumor monitoring, and data sets. As a result, the CAC can "dramatically reduce the time and effort for an investigator to run pilot and long term projects usings cancer models that are already in operation within the core," says Qi Shao, a Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. candidate managing the lab. Read more:

01/09/14 IEM Cancer Animal Core Lab was funded by IEM in FY14 as Group Grant

The objective of the Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IEM) seed grant program is to enhance biomedical and health related engineering research at the University of Minnesota while fostering interdisciplinary collaborations between the Academic Health Center and the College of Science and Engineering. Group Grant projects are aimed at supporting a cohort of investigators that work collaboratively to tackle significant biomedical and health problems with a multidisciplinary approach including innovative engineering solutions. Read more: