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IEM Animal Core Lab Service Cost example




Major sources of cost

Basic small animal study


IACUC protocol
Controlled substance handling
Conventional lab mice for pilot study
Animal transport between housing area to lab
Animal experiment technical support
Basic histology study

Lab animals order, transfer and care
Animal housing and care (charged by RAR)
Graduate assistant working hour
Histology service cost

Small animal cancer model2


Includes all basic service and:
Cancer cells culture
Hindlimb solid tumor on mouse3
Tumor growth monitor

Additional animal cost (e.g. nude mice)
Cell culture (e.g. biochemical agents, consumable supplies)
Cell preparation and tumor implantation
Additional graduate student working hours

DSFC model


Includes all basic service and:
Implantation of DSFC on animals

Equipment wear
Consumable surgical products
Additional graduate student working hours on surgery

Additional options4


Rat (weight 200-500 g)
Metastasis model
Special cancer model
Wound healing



1 Estimated unit price given as 1 cage of 4 mice, costs vary with actual study
2 Cost given as example of LNCaP pro 5 prostate cancer, other cancer types are also available, please refer to the proposal
3 Mouse with either one-sided or both-sided tumor, tumor size ranges 50-500 mm3, diameter 2-15 mm
4 Subject to IACUC approval

Costs are as of fiscal year 2014 and are subject to change.