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Writing Program

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to ensuring that every one of its graduates is a competent writer. Good writing is critical to mechanical engineering and good writing is valued by employers and graduate school research advisors.

Writing Program Description

The department has developed a description of its writing program. It includes a list of the key characteristics of engineering writing, the writing abilities that every engineer should have and an outline of how writing is infused throughout the mechanical engineering curriculum.

Writing Program Description (October, 2013) (pdf)

Engineering Writing Style Guides

The department has developed a series of writing style guides, used in our undergraduate courses, that cover the most important forms of writing used by engineers. The department suggests that you make use of these style guides for your writing assignments.

Writing Problem Sets (pdf)guide

Writing Lab Reports (pdf)

Writing Design Reports (pdf)

For more information about the ME Writing Program, please contact Professor Will Durfee,

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