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Activities Photo Gallery (Before 052012)

Unison Tour, 4/23/2012

(UNI) Refrigeration unit assembly

(UNI) Evaporator coils

(UNI) Intently examining an air-handling unit

(UNI) Welding the base

(UNI) Pizza supper, compliments of Unison

MN ASHRAE Chapter Meeting, U of M-TC, 4/10/2012

(MN) A catered D'Amicos dinner

(MN) Chapter President Gary Fischbach

(MN) MN Chapter Student Liaison George Rothenberger

(MN) U of M ASHRAE officers talking about the 2012 winter conference.

(MN) PhD student presenting his research in one of the HVAC laboratories.

(MN) Thermal Environmental Engineering laboratory demo by lab instructor.

(MN) Contamination chamber used in HVAC research.

2012 ASHRAE Winter Conference (Chicago, January 21-23)

(CHI) ASHRAE Jeopardy

(CHI) U of M student officers with ASHRAE President, Ron Jarnigan (center)

(CHI) Millenium Park--The Bean

(CHI) Greenheck social event at the Union Depot

(CHI) U of M officers with Professor Kuehn

(CHI) Union Depot

(CHI) U of M officers and engineering students from Montreal

(CHI) AHR Expo, McCormick Place

(CHI) AHR Expo

(CHI) AHR Expo, trade show floor

(CHI) U of M officers at the AHR Expo

TCF Bank Stadium Tour November 22, 2011-Locker room

(TCF) Press box view

(TCF) Water pipes

(TCF) Penthouse

(TCF) Evolution Series E9000

(TCF) Penthouse

(TCF) Pumps & water pipes

(TCF) Cummins backup generator

(TCF) U of M ASHRAE students listen to Nirmal Jain (Principle Engineer, U of M Facilities Management)

(TCF) U of M ASHRAE students and Professor Thomas Kuehn outside the stadium

2011 ASHRAE winter conference in Las Vegas, Nevada

U of M students and ASHRAE members at the 2011 winter conference in Las Vegas

ASHRAE student group tour of McQuay, spring 2011
Tuesday, March 27, 2007, Presentation by Dan Chudecke, and brief report from student members who attended ASHRAE winter meeting in Dallas.
October 4, 2006 the UofM ASHRAE chapter organized a tour of the Mechanical Engineering Building. The tour was led by Jim Manning from the STANIUS JOHNSON architects. inc

The UofM ASHRAE chapter members just before the plant walk through.

One of the two groups on the roof of the steam plant facing St.Anthony Falls.

Mike Nagel illustrating the schematic of the Steam Plant.

In the conference room.
Jim Manning answers members questions about real design solutions.

In the HVAC room.
Jim Manning describing the functioning of the air handling unit.

In the HVAC room.
Jim Manning next to the water heater.

On the roof of Mechanical Engineering building.
On the left: evaporative cooling tower

In the chiller room.
Jim Manning explaining the challenges in pipelines design.


Students admire the chillers at Mariucci:

Control read-out for the ice making devices:

HVAC penthouse controls:

Mariucci Tour Group:

Ice making equipment


Back view

HVAC penthouse

Overhead view of ice sheet. Duct work surrounds entire arena.


U of M and Dunwoody student members of ASHRAE pose from the top of the Guthrie Theatre's new record length cantilever called the
"Endless Bridge "

tour group at new Guthrie

Cory Miller and Amanda Lacy stand in the catwalks of the new Guthrie theatre to observe the massive ventilation system

on the catwalk to see the ventilation system
View of the Mississippi River from one of many outlooks in the new Guthrie

view of the river
Cory, Amanda, and Steve appreciate the great view of the city and the Guthrie's
roof top ventilation units

two members on deck of new Guthrie

On March 23, 2005 a group of ASHRAE members took a tour of Moos Tower.

Photos by David Grandall
tour group at Moos Tower
tour group at Moos Tower

motor driving pump for condensor
motor driving pump for condensor
water ppump condensor and pipes
water pump condensor and pipes
water purification units
water purification units
bank of filters
bank of filters
compressor for chiller
compressor for chiller
group entering chiller area
group entering chiller area
control panel for absorption chiller
control panel for absorption chiller
pump impeller undergoing maintenance
pump impeller undergoing maintenance
electrical switch panels
electrical switch panels
air intake panels with flaps
air intake panels with protective flaps
air conditioning unit on roof
air conditioning unit on roof
exhaust fans for labs and hospital rooms
exhaust fans for labs and hospital rooms
exterior cooling towers
exterior cooling towers
inside cooling tower
inside the cooling tower looking up
catwalk inside cooling towers
fan motor for cooling tower fan
fan motor for cooling tower fan
cooling towers on roof
cooling towers from the top of Moos Tower
air intake from roof
air intake from roof
view of downtown
view of downtown Minneapolis
view of main campus
view of main campus mall
view of ME building
view of Mechanical Engineering Building
Tour of Metrodome, November 19, 2003. Joint tour with Dunwoody Institute Student Branch.
group on tour of Metrodome
inside metrodome
control panels
E-Week / Student Branch Activity, February 17, 2003
Presentation by ASHRAE MN Chapter in U of M Walter Library

Faculty Advisor, Prof. Tom Kuehn
Faculty Advisor, Professor Tom Kuehn

E-Week, presentation
group photo
from left: Professor Tom Kuehn, Gary Grenzer, Chapter President 02-03, Rick Hermans,
Chapter Secretary 02-03, Frank Elliot, Mech Eng Librarian, Peter McMurry, Mechanical Engineering Department Head

Tour at ThermoKing February 11, 2003

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