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University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering


Listed below are various sites that are great resources for new and experienced TAs.

Getting Started

  1. To Do List - S19 (link)
  2. First Meeting with Course Instructors (link)
  3. Tips for TAs and Instructors (link)

About the Job

  • Appointment - The ins and outs of your new job (link)
  • Copier Instructions (pdf)   New 18-19 login/password
  • Group TA Email -
  • Keys - Instructors/PIs must fill out a request form (link) Direct questions to
  • Labels - For handing back or storing homework (files) or (folders)
  • Labs - CSE Reservations (link)
  • Office Hours - How to arrange them (link)
  • Quick Reference Guide (link)
  • Supplies - How to purchase them (pdf)

Professional Development

  • TAs have commitments that require them to invest in their professional development.
    Learn how to complete and report these commitments (link).


  • There are numerous evaluations that need to occur each semester.
    Learn about the types and how to complete them (link).
  • If you are a former TA and want to see past course evaluations, you can request a viewing via ME's Undergraduate Program located in ME 1120.

Strategies and Troubleshooting

Policies and Prevention

  • FERPA (tutorial)
  • Mental Health Resources for Students (link)
  • Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying and Other Concerns (link)
  • UMN Policy Library (link)

Additional Resources

  • ME Student Writing Guides (link)
  • Center for Educational Innovation (link)