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University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering


Every semester TAs are expected to invest in their professional development. Below are the current commitments, instructions, and the reporting form to submit.

Reporting Form   Observation Instructions   Peer Observation Notes Worksheet

Commitment:  Will complete and report on one TA professional development activity before the last day of classes.

For Course Instructors

Online Evaluation of TA

Prior to the end of each semester, each TA should be evaluated by their course instructor. Evaluations should be done electronically via the link above. If you must have a paper version, use the pdf located here. Once completed, forms go to Miranda Miller in ME 1120.

Commitment:  Have a peer observe your teaching. Report the date of observation and the name of the TA who observed you.

Commitment:  Be evaluated by the students of your course. Establish whether the professor or TA is handling this evaluation to ensure completion prior to the last day of classes.

About the Evaluation:

  • The evaluation is done in-class using a departmental form.
  • An email will be sent indicating when the forms will be ready for pick-up. If making copies yourself, you can download the form here.
  • In class, you or your instructor should explain the purpose of the evaluation, distribute the form, and then you leave the room. Before leaving, appoint a student volunteer to collect the forms and bring to Miranda Miller in MechE 1120. You should not see or touch the completed forms. Once the semester is over and grades have been submitted, you may arrange with Miranda to view the forms.