University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering


ACCOUNTING How do you pay for things? Where should the money come from?
BUILDING Report minor building problems such as leaks, breaks, light bulbs out, garbage day missed, etc.
RESERVATIONS Request departmental conference rooms. Not permitted for reoccurring office hours.
COPIERS Jennifer Dahal The TA copier is in ME 116. U-card is needed for access. If your card doesn't work contact Jennifer. Copier instructions are found on our Resource page.
EMERGENCY Dial 911 Connects to Police, Fire and Rescue
FRONT DESK For general departmental information and goings on.
GROUP EMAIL Anyone can use this address. Recipients are current TAs (updated semesterly) and the ADH.
INJURIES Boynton Health Non-life threatening injuries
KEYS Can't get into a room or lab? Requests MUST come from the instructor/professor on student behalf.
reservation form There are a total of 6 classrooms available, including rooms ME 302 and ME 314
MOODLE see FAQ page What is it and how you get access.
OFFICE HOURS see FAQ page will your average be < 8 people or > 8 people?
PAYROLL How much $ and how often. Visa questions go to Karon Mooney.
PURCHASING Getting supplies for class. Also see bottom of FAQ page
SPACE Want a desk? Your prof or advisor needs to request space on your behalf.