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Are you eligible to TA in Mechanical Engineering? Current eligibility requirements are listed on TA home.

How the Process Works

  1. The Associate Department Head (ADH) establishes a preliminary number of TA positions for each class
  2. Completed TA applications are distributed to course instructors based on which classes the applicant showed interest
  3. Course instructors make recommendations as to who they'd prefer to be a TA for that semester
  4. The ADH takes all course instructor recommendations and determines appointment offers for each class
  5. During the offer period, students are contacted by the ADH with offers and asked to accept or reject within a certain time frame
  6. Occasionally openings remain, or enrollments increase and assignments are made into the first week of classes

Am I guaranteed a position if I apply?
No. The information provided on your application will be used as a guideline by professors to help determine the best placement for applicants. However, applying DOES NOT guarantee a TA position.

Prof. X said I'd be a TA for his class, but my appointment offer is for something different. Who do I listen to?
Only the ADH can offer you a position. Course instructors only recommend you for the job.

I haven't taken the Spoken English Test for TAs (SETTA) yet. Can I still apply for a position?
No. The ME department requires all nonnative speaking applicants have an ELP of 1 or 2 that can be confirmed by the University of Minnesota at the time of application.

Why does this appointment process take so long?
There are many reasons why this takes so long. To start with, it's a multi-step process. Secondly, there are several people who must approve along the way. Lastly, candidates frequently drop out due to receiving RA positions. This causes some TAs to be reassigned and can create additional openings at the last minute.

How do I become a Summer TA?
We do not accept TA Applications for summer. Instead, Summer TAs are handpicked by the Associate Department Head (ADH) after conferring with the course instructor. If you are interested in a TA position in the Summer, directly notify the instructor of the course you are interested in.

Application FAQs: