DfE web resource links

Places for the curious to go.





DfE case studies

Honda Insight, the first gas/electric hybrid automobile.

Hand-cranked radios. Everybody's favorite for excellence in sustainable design.

Government agencies

The Design for Environment Program of the EPA.

Interesting recycle, reduce sites

From the MN OEA. Nice tips for the consumer on waste reduction. Good place to get design ideas.


Funky, European designers tackling sustainability straight on. A fun, beautifully designed web site. Some nice case studies of human-powered products.

The Centre for Sustainable Design at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design in the UK. A design center with that terrific European focus on ecodesign. Extensive set of resources

The Industry Council For Electronic Equipment Recycling. A great way to keep up on the European scene on product take back laws.

NAPCOR is the industry association for PET containers. PET is the plastic used for most beverage containers. The site has good technical information on PET as well as good information on recycling.

Company sites

Apple Computer's site on company DfE philosophy. Apple has long been a leader in DfE. Prowl around this site to see what they have done and why. Makes the case that good DfE is good business. Some nice case studies as well.

Ericsson, one of the largest makers of cell-phones, makes their statement on DfE and product take back.

A simple set of DfE guidelines from PRé Consultants, a European company specializing in life-cycle assessments.

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