Grab Bag

A collection of miscellaneous, but useful, DfE methods


Reduce the weight A product that weighs less uses less material which for that reason alone will reduce environment impact. For example, since 1978, the weight of the 2 liter plastic (PET) container used to bottle soft drinks has been reduced by 29% ( That's a tremendous saving of material.
Replace a screw with a snap Snaps are cheaper to assemble and reduce the product parts count.
Minimize the number of parts Less to assemble, less to recyle and/or dispose
Use standard parts Easier to recycle/dispose
Avoid regulated materials Harder to recycle. May have to pay "penalty".
Use recycled materials Least loss of virgin resources
Label material To simplify recycling
Minimize adhesives Hard to disassemble. Contaminates material making it harder to recycle.