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ME 8287 - Special Topics in Dynamics and Control (Spring 2017)

For the 2017 Spring semester two different 4 credit courses will be offered under the ME 8287 Special Topics listing. Prof. Kowalewski will teach "Intermediate Robotics with Medical Applications" and Prof. Li will teach "Passivity-Based Control."


(68391) ME8287: Intermediate Robotics with Medical Applications (4cr)


Professor Tim Kowalewski
Office: ME 207, T: 612-626-0054

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Intermediate Robotics Course Flyer / Announcement
Intermediate Robotics Course Syllabus


ME8287: Passivity and the Control of Mechanical and Fluid Powered Systems (4cr)

Synopsis: The goal is to introduce modeling and nonlinear control concepts for Lagrangian mechanical and fluid power systems. Nonlinear mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems will be modeled from an energetic perspective. After considering tracking control problems for both mechanical and fluid powered systems, we will discuss control of these systems that must directly interact with humans or other physical environments. For this, the energetic passivity concept, and control design methodologies that enforce energetic passivity to ensure coupling stability will be introduced. Main examples for interactive systems include teleoperators and human power amplifiers. Materials will be pulled from various sources: textbooks, monographs and research papers.

A strong background in states space control systems is required such as at the level of ME8281. Nonlinear systems analysis (such as ME8282 or EE8215) will be very advantageous but not strictly required since we will review the necessary topics. However, maturity in mathematical reasoning will be very helpful.

Course assignments include simulation and analysis using Matlab/Simulink. It is expected that students have access to, and are familiar with this software.

Professor Perry Li
Office: ME309, T: 612-626-7815