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ME8281-Advanced Control Systems

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Courses: ME8281 Advanced Control Systems Design


  1. Controllability / observability  (3/4/08 - may be modified at a later date)
  2. State feedback  (4/21/08)
  3. Robust Performance(Updated 4/21/2008, with innovation / Q-feedback)
  4. Linear Quadratic Optimal Control (old)
    1. Finite Horizon (time varying) LQ (updated 3.30.2016)
    2. Infinite horizon (time invariant) LQ (updated 3.30.2016)
    3. Extension (discrete time, pole-placement, frequency shaping) (4.9.2014)
  5. Kalman Filter (updated 4.6.16)
  6. Reference tracking - Internal Model Principle and Repetitive Control
  7. Input shaping references: Pao 2000, Singer-Seering 1990.
  8. Feedback Linearization



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