University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering

ME 5286: Robotics
Spring 2018

Robot Lab: Lab Assignments

This page contains the robot lab assignments for the manipulators portion of the course.

Miscellaneous Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide

This document will be updated as more common issues arise. Refer to this document before emailing the teaching staff.
Miscellaneous Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide

Lab 1: Hello World

Memo due Feb. 9th.
Lab 1 Manual
Lab 1 Slides
RoboDK file: ur5_and_table_and_gripper.rdk
RoboDK file:
RoboDK file:

Lab 2: Repeatability and Straightness

Memo due Feb. 23rd.
Lab 2 Manual
RoboDK file: ur5_and_table_and_indicator.rdk
Right click, select save as, and download as an IGES file. CAD Standridge Granite Block: Standrige_Granite_4face_AP6X6X6B4.IGS
YouTube: Repeatability Test
YouTube: Straightness Top Face
YouTube: Straightness Back Face
YouTube: Straightness Top Face

Lab 3: Gripper Control

Memo due March 2nd.
Lab 3 Manual
Task 3: Pallet IGES file

Lab 4: Flashlight Assembly

Report due April 4th.
Demos will be scheduled from March 26th-30th.
Lab 4 Manual
Lab 4 CAD files
Lab 4 Grading Rubric