University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering

ME 5286: Robotics
Spring 2018

Robot Lab

Please see the sidebar for options, including lab assignments and resources.

All labs will take place in ME50B. You can find a map to ME50B here

Lab Check-In Form

Scheduling Additional Lab Time

You can view and edit the calendar by pressing "+GoogleCalendar". By registering for the class you be able to schedule additional lab time on the "ME5286_Robotics_Lab_Schedule_2018" calendar. If you see a free time on the calendar you can add a calendar event for when you'll be there. There can be two groups in the lab simultaneously, if you see a time slot with only one event down you can still sign up to use the second robot. You should fill out a Lab Check-In Form every time you enter the lab.

ME5286 Robot Lab Schedule