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ME 4331: Resources

This list of resources is meant for beginners and is not comprehensive in any sense.


Basic Unix Skills on MEnet Systems by Richard Kaszeta

Topics in C Programming by Bob Hain

Heat Transfer Textbook:

A Heat Transfer Textbook

Past Quizzes:

Past Quizzes


The NIST Reference on Constants, Units and Uncertainty

Data Acquisition:

DA Converter (pdf).

DAQ Commands |doc| text

Agilent Multimeter Users Guide |Complete User's Guide| Selected Reference (from User's Guide)| Complete Service Guide| Agilent Manual (34 pages)

Transactions in Measurement and Control from OMEGA

OmegaWeb Technical Reference

Temperature Measurement:

Thermocouples (ppt).

Temp-Thermocouples(pdf) - Dr. Simon.

Temperature Measurement (pdf) - Dr. Goldstein

Reference Temperatures

Liquid Crystals (pdf)


Novec 7000 data sheet (3M)

Nukiyama's Paper

Hong, You and O'conner - CHF paper

Abadzic and Goldstein Paper

You - Thermal Overshoot Paper

Boiling Notes(pdf) - Dr. Simon

Convection Fundamentals:

Convection Fundamentals(pdf) - Dr. Simon

Lecture Notes on Fin Heat Transfer(pdf) - Dr. Simon

Yokono - Finned Surfaces Paper

Design of Experiments:

Factorial Design Fundamentals - I(pdf) - Dr. Simon

Factorial Design Fundamentals - II(pdf) - Dr. Simon

Heat Exchangers:

Heat Exchanger(pdf) - Dr. Simon

Coriolis Meter Basics A good resource that presents equations describing the forces and dynamics of Coriolis meter.

Flow Measurements(ppt) - Dr. Simon

Coriolis Flow Meter Spec. Sheet (pdf)

Oval Gear Flow Meter Spec. Sheet (pdf)

Turbine Flow Meter Spec. Sheet (pdf)

Gas Turbine

Lab Handout

Inlet nozzle fluid mechanics

Measurements in High Speed Flow (pdf) - Dr. Simon

Gas Turbine Demo (mpg)

Gas Turbine Information (ppt) - Dr. Strykowski

Natural Convection - Interferometer:

Interferometer Equations(ppt) - Dr. Simon

Interferometer Fringes(Excel) - Dr. Goldstein

Kuehn and Goldstein Interferometer Paper

Kuehn and Goldstein Numerical Paper

Kuehn and Goldstein Interferometer Discussion from Fluid Mechanics Measurements Book

Fringe Analysis Matlab Code


Uncertainty analysis (ppt).

Section on Uncertainty - Handbook of Fluids

Section from Agilent Users Guide on Measurement Errors (pdf).

Student Writers

A portion of your grade is dependent on your writing skills. Here're some university wide resources for student writers.

Report Writing(ppt) - Dr. Simon

Student Writing Support - 306b Lind Hall

A good Guide for Writing - Student Writing Guide

Online Writing Center

General College Writing Center - Academic Resource Center, 11 Appleby Hall