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ME 4331: Useful DAQ Commands

Useful DAQ commands | DAQ-Text File | DAQ-Word File

Compile command

gcc -o outfile filename.c /usr/local/lib/gpib/cib.o -lm

The following commands are for system setup, and are generally used once at either the beginning or end of the program. Except for the buffer clear command.

This command creates a pointer for the data output file

FILE *fp;

Opens file in the append mode. If file is not opened in the append mode, it will overwrite what is currently in the file.


Tells PC the address of the data acquisition unit.

DAQ = ibdev(0, 10, 0, 10, 0, 1);

Clears output buffer if DAQ. This command must be executed before each scan, or errors will occur in your data.


Tells DAQ that it will operate in GPIB mode. This command is done once near the beginning of the program.

ibwrt(DAQ, "SYST:INT GPIB \n", 16L);

Close data file.


Take DAQ offline.


The following commands are used for the actual taking of data, and are repeated for however many channels are being used.

NOTE: remember to clear output buffer before each scan.

Configure channel 01 of card 1 to temperature measurement using type K thermocouple. The first number of 101 is the slot card, the second and third numbers are the channel number.

ibwrt(DAQ, "CONF:TEMP TC,K,(@101) \n", 24L);

Follow with to give equipment time to respond to configuration command.


Set the length of time that DAQ samples input.

ibwrt(DAQ, "SENS:TEMP:NPLC 20,(@101) \n", 27L);

Tell the DAQ which channel to monitor for input.

ibwrt(DAQ, "ROUT:SCAN (@101) \n", 18L);

Initiate scan.

ibwrt(DAQ, "INIT \n", 7L);

This sleep allows the scan to finish before sending it to the device buffer.


Send data to device buffer of DAQ so that it can be read by the interface board.

ibwrt(DAQ, "FETCH? \n", 8L);

Read what is in the device buffer.

ibrd(DAQ, ReadBuffer, 15L);

Convert readbuffer to floating point and place in variable address.

sscanf(ReadBuffer, "%f", &temp);

Print thermocouple measurement to screen and then to file.

printf("Water bath temperature in Celsius: %f\n", temp);

fprintf(fp," %f\n", temp);

The following commands are for 4-wire resistance measurements. These commands replace the temperature commands for thermocouples.

Configure DAQ for four-wire ohm measurement.

ibwrt(DAQ, "CONF:FRES AUTO,(@101) \n", 24L);

Set time length of scan.

ibwrt(DAQ, "SENS:FRES:NPLC 20,(@101) \n", 27L);

The following commands are for voltage measurements. These commands replace the temperature commands for thermocouples.

Configure DAQ for DC voltage measurement.

ibwrt(DAQ, "CONF:VOLT:DC AUTO,(@101) \n", 27L);

Set time length of scan

ibwrt(DAQ, "SENS:VOLT:NPLC 20,(@101) \n", 27L);