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ME4232 - Syllabus

Syllabus : PDF VERSION is HERE

References :

Required Fluid Power References :

Eaton Hydraulics Training Services, 2008, Industrial Hydraulics Manual, 5th Ed. Amazon link

Durfee, W., and Sun, Z., 2009, Fluid Power System Dynamics, Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power. Available free online.

Systems & Dynamics References :

Ogata, K., 2003, System Dynamics, 4th Ed., Prentice Hall.

Ogata, K., 2009, Modern Control Systems, 5th Ed., Prentice Hall.

Close, C.M., Frederick, D.K., and Newell, J.C., 2001, Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems, 3rd Ed., Wiley.

Other Fluid Power References :

Merritt, H.E., 1967, Hydraulic Control Systems, Wiley.

Sullivan, J., 1998, Fluid Power, Theory and Applications, 4th Ed. Prentice Hall.

Cundiff, J.S., 2001, Fluid Power Circuits and Control, CRC Press.

Merritt is an excellent (although old and expensive) book on modeling of hydraulics components and systems that is still being heavily used by researchers. Sullivan is written more in a regular text book style and discusses components, circuits and analysis. Cundiff is a good introductory book written for practicing engineers.


Schedule - Fall 2015*:

Week 1: 9/7-11

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Canceled

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 1: Safety and Orientation

Lecture: Course introduction, Introduction to fluid power applications, Fluid power fundamentals, Least squares estimation

Week 2: 9/14-9/18

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 2: Cylinder actuation

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 3: Needle valves

Lecture: Fluid power fundamentals, orifice flow

Week 3: 9/21-25

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 4: Pressure compensated flow control valve

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 5: Relief valve

Lecture: Valve types, hydraulic circuits

Week 4: 9/28-10/2

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 6: Meter in / meter out

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 7: Bleed off circuit

Lecture: Fluid properties

Week 5: 10/5-10/9

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 8: Check valves

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 9: Flow divider

Lecture: Hydraulic power, valve sizing

Week 6: 10/12-16

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 10: Sequencing circuits

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 11/12: Asynchronous/synchronous, tandem/parallel operations

Lecture: Pumps

Week 7: 10/19-23

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 13: Power Steering

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 14: Integrated Lab 1

Lecture: System dynamics review & servo-hydraulic hardware overview

Systems Review Homework Assigned (due May 24 or 25 lab)

Week 8: 10/26-30

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 14: Integrated Lab 2

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 15: Servo-hydraulic orientation

Lecture: High performance servo control

Week 9: 11/2-6

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 15: Open loop system

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 16: Closed loop system identification

Lecture: PID control

Week 10: 11/9-13

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 16: Closed loop system identification

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 17: Proportional control

Lecture: PID control II

Week 11: 11/16-20

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 18: Proportional-integral control

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 18: Proportional-integral control

Lecture: Feed forward control

Week 12: 11/23-27

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 19: Trajectory track using feed-forward control

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Thanksgiving Holiday

Lecture: Internal model control

Week 13: 11/30-12/4

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 20: Modal tracking internal model controller

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 20: Modal tracking internal model controller

Lecture: Force control

Week 14: 12/7-11

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Lab 22: Electro-hydraulic force control

Wed/Thurs Laboratory: Lab 22: Electro-hydraulic force control

Lecture: Course review

Week 15: 12/14-15

Mon/Tues Laboratory: Make-up Lab and Help Session

Final Exam: Monday, Dec 21, 10:30am 12:30pm

* Schedule subject to change without notice.