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ME4232 - Fluid Power Control Laboratory

Please use the course Moodle site for Spring 2016 course information.


  1. Introduction to fluid power systems
  2. Design and implementation of control systems
  3. Application of systems modeling and dynamic systems concept

Fluid power plays an important role in industry. Uses of fluid power include machine tools, off-road vehicles, material testing systems etc. One objective of this course is to introduce students to this exciting field through hands on exercises of connecting up fluid power circuits and observing how they operate. The second objective of the course is to provide students with hands on experience in designing and implementing control systems for real systems.

This course can be used to satisfy the senior lab requirement.

Pre-requisite: Thorough understanding of materials in ME 3281 or equivalent; instructor's consent


  • One two hour lecture per week
  • Two 2 hour lab sessions per week
  • Guest lectures from industry


Fluid Power Internship Opportunities!