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ME4232 - Lecture Notes

Class Material (F 2013)

Class 1: Introduction to Fluid Power

                TPT program - Fluid Power: Force for Change   

Class 2: Orifice equation; Flow and pressure control valves

Class 2 Handouts

Class 3: Circuit analysis; flow control circuits; check valves;

Class 3 Handouts
Right click to download the file; unzip the zip file to a directory;  open Matlab;
"chdir" to the directory; open "***.mdl" etc.

Class 4: Cartridge valves; flow divider valve; fluid properties; viscosity

Class 4 Handout

Class 5: Bulk modulus; inertance; power calculations, valve modeling

                    Additional modeling handouts [Matlab handout], [Procedure]
                    Codes: Download both files [PVFC.mdl, PVFC1.m]

Class 6:Pumps and motors; hydrostatic and hydraulic hybrid transmission

(Guest lecturer: Mike Olson, Eaton Corporation)

Class 7: 4-way valves modeling and electrohydraulic control

Class 8: System Identification

Class 9: Proportional Control and Control Systems Properties

Class 10: Proportion-Integral Control

Class 11: Feedforward and Internal Model Control

Class 12: Control Systems Review

Class 13: Hydraulics Review

Below are from F2012 and will be successively updated as we move along the current semester. They are helpful for reading ahead.

Lecture Notes from Previous Semesters

Lecture Notes Packet (Fall 2010)

Lecture Video Captures (Spring 2012)

Lecture Notes (Fall 2012)

Lecture Notes (Spring 2013)