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ME 4232 - Lecture Notes (Fall 2015)

Class Material

Class 1: Introduction to Fluid Power

Topics: Introductions, Syllabus, Fluid Power Fundamentals

Class 2: Fluid Power Fundamentals

Topics: Bernoulli's Equation, Flow Control Valves (Needle Valve, Pressure-Compensated Flow Control Valve), Direct and Pilot Operated Relief Valves

Class 3: Hydraulic Circuits

Topics: Series & Parallel Connections, Analogies to Electrical Circuits, Flow Control Circuits (Meter-in, Meter-out, Bleed-off)

Class 4: Hydraulic Fluids

Topics: Check and Pilot-to-Open-Check; Flow divider/combiner; Roles of Hydraulic Fluid, Viscosity (Viscous Friction, Internal Pipe Flow, Leakage)

Class 5: Fluid Properties: Bulk Modulus, Fluid Inertia

Topics: Viscosity, Bulk Modulus, Fluid Inertia

Class 6: Hydraulic Pumps

Topics: Power Steering Valve, Pump Classification (Positive vs. Non-Positive Displacement, Architectures), Pumping Theory (Flow Ripple, Inefficiencies, Cavitation), Hydrostatic Transmissions and Transformers

Class 7: Pump theory, hydro-stats. Hydraulic Hybrids; Electrohydraulics intro

Class 8: Guest lecture - D. Harvey (MTS)

EH lab supplement:

Class 9: System Identification

Class 10: Control design, feedback, P-control, P-I control (1)

Class 11: Proportional-Integral (2), feedforward and Internal Model Control

Class 12: Review - Systems and Control

Class 13: Review - Hydraulics


  • 2 sides of letter size crib sheets allowed

From: Spring 2014

Class 14: Course Review (Systems/Control)

Class 15: Course Review (Hydraulics)

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