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ME 4090 Summer 2017

Introduction to High-Power Rocketry and Stratospheric Ballooning



James Flaten, Ph.D.
U of MN -- Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department 612-626-9295 Akerman 205C

Posted Items

Letter to Professor #2 Assignment (due at 5 p.m. on 8/1/17; posted 7/28/17)
Peer Evaluation #2 Assignment (due at 5 p.m. on 8/1/17; posted 7/28/17)
Arduino hardware list including prices (posted 7/24/17)
Neulog module list including prices (posted 7/24/17)
Ballooning FRR template slides (posted 7/24/17)
Lecture 11 comprehension questions (posted 7/19/17)
Arduino and control panel wiring (posted 7/19/17)
Payload content options (posted 7/19/17)
Ballooning tentative schedule (posted 7/19/17)
Arduino training slides (posted 7/14/17)
Soldering flasher circuit photo-instructions (posted 7/14/17)
Learn-to-Solder comic (posted 7/14/17)
Soldering vocabulary sheet (posted 7/14/17)
Verhage Ballooning Article Part 2 (posted 7/11/17)
Verhage Ballooning Article Part 1 (posted 7/11/17)
Verhage Ballooning Article Part 0 (posted 7/11/17)
Lecture 8 comprehension questions (posted 7/11/17)
I-140 thrust curve (posted 7/11/17)
Simple ejection charge calculator (posted 7/11/17)
Powerpoint template slides for FRR oral presentation (posted 6/23/17)
Figures showing motor-mount assembly and recommended knot for lower recovery harness (posted 6/23/17)
Lecture 4 Assignment slide and comprehension questions (posted 6/23/17)
Peer Evaluation 1 (due Friday, June 30, 5 p.m.) (posted 6/23/17)
Student English Language Support information (posted 6/23/17)
Sample PDR rocket figure and schedule - two slides (posted 6/21/17)
List of steps for building a dual-deploy rocket (posted 6/21/17)
Lecture 3 Assignment slide (modified) and comprehension questions (answer on your own paper) (posted 6/21/17)
Newton's Laws of Motion, applied to rocket flights (posted 6/21/17)
Rocket Propulsion vocabulary (posted 6/21/17)
List of possible rocket failures assembled in class (posted 6/21/17)
Lecture 2 Assignment slide and comprehension questions (posted 6/20/17)
Powerpoint template slides for PDR oral presentation (posted 6/20/17)
Rocket structures vocabulary slide (posted 6/20/17)
Decisions list (posted 6/20/17)
English units (posted 6/20/17)
Tentative schedule for rocketry activities (posted 6/20/17)
CP and CG Barrowman Technical Report (reference / optional reading) (posted 6/14/17)
CP and CG slides (posted 6/14/17)
Lecture 1 Assignment slide (posted 6/14/17)
Lecture 1 key figures (posted 6/14/17)
Syllabus (pdf download) (v1, posted 6/14/17)

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