Department of Mechanical Engineering Student Shop

The Department of Mechanical Engineering maintains an excellent, fully equipped machine shop specifically for use by undergraduate and graduate students working on class design projects, honors theses or other projects related to the academic program. The shop has machine tools for metalworking, hand tools and bench space for project assembly. The shop is located in Room ME 180 and the supervisor is Mel Chapin.

Use of this shop is a privilege granted to students in Mechanical Engineering. It is extremely important that all rules be followed to maintain the excellent safety record the shop has held to date and to enable the facility to be used by all in a safe and effective manner. Those in violation of the rules will be asked to leave the shop.

If your group is planning to build, you MUST let the shop supervisor know as early as possible, and no later than the midterm review. Provide as much information as you can about what you are building, the materials you plan to use and the amount of supervision you need. The more the supervisor knows about your needs, the better off your group will be.

HINT: Use the shop in the early morning hours when it is virtually empty.


In order to be allowed to work in the student shop it is MANDATORY that you view the shop training and safety videos. No one is allowed to use the shop unless they have taken the video training course. Undergraduates must see the videos every academic calendar year they wish to use the shop: No exceptions. For students in ME 4054, viewing will either take place in class or be co-ordinated by your TA. Individuals not enrolled in a class with scheduled viewing will need to coordinated with shop foreman Mel Chapin.

Complete information about the shop, including operating hours and rules of use can be found at the Student Shop Web site.

Last modified: 9/30/07