Assignments and deliverables for ME4054.

Most assignments are to be submitted in Portable Document Format (.pdf). WORD to PDF conversion can be done using the Microsoft "Save as PDF" plugin or through several free online services including doc2pdf and pdfonline.

Individual Assignments

Due Date
Project preferences
Jan 23
(by noon)
Select project preference
Jan 24
One page. Bring 6 copies to first meeting
Design notebook
Mar 12 or 14;
May 9
Maintain comprehensive project design notebook;
Give to Advisor at Mid-Project Review and Design Show
Peer evaluation
Mar 26; May 9
Evaluation of team members and advisor

Team Assignments

Due Date
Google Site
Jan 31
Create your team's Google site
Team Roster
Jan 31
A document detailing your team members
Statement of Work
Feb 14
Concise description of work to be done by team
WBS & Gantt chart
Feb 14
Work Breakdown Structure & Gantt chart
Product design specifications
Feb 14
Detailed design requirements for project
Site visit #1
Feb 19 or 21
Visit with course staff with focus on modeling & analysis
Design Report
Assignment #2
Mar 7
The problem definition chapter of the final report
Mid-Project review
Mar 12 or 14
Presentation of results and plans
Design Report
Assignment #3
Apr 2
The design description section of the final report
Site visit #2

Apr 16 or 18

Visit by review team with focus on progress
Design Report
Assignment #4
Apr 23
The design evaluation section of the final report
Design report
May 7

Comprehensive final report

Design Show
May 9
Final event where team shows what it did in a public trade-show format
Wrap up
May 9
End-of-semester duties

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