Robot Show, March 1998, Coffman Union

This robot is part of a two-person cooperative robot which played catch, throwing a ball back and forth between the two. The net helped guide the ball into the red cup. The start buttons of the two robots were connected, controlling the timing. (Student: Paul Arends)
This robot performs a concert. When the button is pushed, the curtain draws back, revealing a band. Music plays. The lights at the base of the stage flash in time to the music, and the band members move around, dancing and playing their instruments. (Student: Dale Treml)
A monster truck rally! The truck moves around the course, triggering the audience (each with an individually painted face) to perform the wave. (Student: Nick Velander)
This football game is controlled by magnets under the field and on the players' feet. The whole field is the lid to a box, which contains the magnets and all of the electronics, and opens easily to reset the robot. (Student: Randy Kennedy)