ME2011 Robot Store

A place to purchase limited quantities of electronic components used in ME2011 robots. Before coming, read the rules listed below.

Store Operation and Rules

  1. Store is managed by the ME2011 staff. Store is open just after Monday lectures staring in early November. Store location is in the lecture room. Also open during staff office hours as we get closer to the Robot Show. At other hours, see Tori Piorek in 2101 MechE.
  2. Cash only, exact change. No checks, no credit cards, no IOUs, no change. And did we say no change?
  3. Limited quantities of each item are carried because we can't handle a large inventory. We (may) reorder when we run out, but don't expect everything to be in stock at all times.
  4. For each purchase, you may only buy quantities up to what's listed under the Limit column.
  5. Consult your electronics text, the Jameco web site (, the All Electronics site ( or the Stamp interfacing section of the Robot Project web site for details on items and suggestions on component use.
  6. You can also buy components at Radio Shack, AEI Electronic Parts and Ax-Man. See the Where-To-Buy section of the project web site.
  7. Exact amount, cash only. No checks. No change. Thanks!.

Store Items

Description Photo Limit Price
LED, red, T1-3/4, Jameco 697522 10 $0.10
LED, green, T1-3/4, Jameco 697531 10 $0.10
Transistor, 2N3904, Jameco 38359 4 $0.10
Transistor, TIP120, Jameco 32993 4 $0.50
HEXFET transistor, IRL520N, Jameco 209058 or Digi-Key 4 $0.50
Low on resistance FET transistor, NTP125N02RG, Mouser 863-NTP125N02RG 4 $1.50
Transistor array, ULN2003, Jameco 34278 2 $0.25
Diode, 1N4004, Jameco 35991 10 $0.10
Optoisolator, photodarlington, 4N33, Jameco 41030 2 $0.25
Relay, DPDT, Coil: 12V/44mA, Contact: 5A, Jameco 174378 1 $2.00
Relay, SPDT, Coil: 12V/30mA, Contacts: 15A, Jameco 174432 2 $1.50
L293D motor driver chip, 600 mA output, use SN754410NE replacement, Jameco 1054684 or Mouser 595-SN754410NE 1 $2.00

Microswitch with lever, SPDT, Jameco 188867. Here is a microswitch technote

2 $1.00
IR Sensor kit containing: (1) IR LED, T1-3/4, Jameco 106526, (2) IR phototransistor detector, T1-3/4, Jameco 112169, (3) 330 ohm resistor, (4) 10K ohm resistor. Here is an IR beam technote.
2 $1.00
Capacitor, motor spike suppression, mylar, 0.47uF, 100V, Jameco 26999 2 $0.25
Capacitor, monolithic, 0.1uF, Jameco 25523 2 $0.10
Capacitor, electrolytic, 10uF, 50V, Jameco 10882 1 $0.20
Speaker, 2 inch, 8 ohm, Jameco 135694 1 $2.00
9V battery snap, Jameco 11280 2 $0.25
Power resistor, 1 ohm, 5 Watt, Digikey 1.0W-5-ND. For slowing a motor 2 $0.25
Power resistor, 10 ohm, 5 Watt, Digikey 10W-5-ND. For slowing a motor 2 $0.25

The following items are available in limited quantities for free

Description Photo Limit Price
Twisted-pair cable, 24g, Jameco 105807 (for general wiring) 3 ft. free
Hookup wire, yellow, 22 AWG, Jameco 36928 (for breadboard wiring) 3 ft free
Cable, telephone, 28 AWG, 4 conduct, stranded, Jameco 103430 (for general wiring)

3 ft


Resistor, 1/4W, 330 ohm, Jameco 30867   6 free
Resistor, 1/4W, 1K ohm, Jameco 29663   6 free
Resistor, 1/4W, 10K ohm, Jameco 29911   6 free


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