The ME 2011 Robot Project

The ME2011 Robot Project is a chance for students in ME 2011 Introduction to Engineering to be creative, to face a substantial challenge, to show off, and to stretch themselves as designers. Each student is charged with building a computer-controlled, autonomous machine that "does something interesting" for 45 seconds. The definition of "interesting" is up to the student and the results are always unexpected, clever and just plain fun. The culmination of the project is the ME2011 Robot Show, an event open to the public, where students show off their work. The remainder of this web site is to help ME 2011 students with their project, but the information be of interest to anyone building a robot.

Robot Project Documents and Resources
Project Brief The document that describes the project and contains the official rules Robot project frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Robot Store -- A source for some electronics parts. Run by the course.  

Robot Resources
Arduino technical information, including interfacing to the Arduino

Robot Building Sites
Site links

Where to Get Robot Parts
Local stores for robot builders
Web-stores for robot parts
Robot Project Tips
Ideas from past ME 2011 robot designers!

Past Robot Shows
Pictures from past Robot Shows!

Robot Show Judges
Information for Robot Show Judges