Stepper motor data

Here are data and wire colors for a few unipoloar stepper motors.

Parallax P/N 27964

12V, 90 ohm, 3.75 deg, unipolar, 5 wire. About $13.00

Wire colors: BK=common, WT=Coil1, RD=Coil2, GN=Coil3, BR=Coil4


Six wire, 60 ohm, 3.75 deg. Runs well on 5 V or 12 V. At 12 V consumes 200 mA. Common on the surplus market. About $5.00

Wire colors: BLK+WHT=common, BRN=coil1, RED=coil2, YEL=coil3, BLU=coil4

Jameco 171601

5V, 20 ohm, 7.5 deg, unipolar, 6-wire. About $3.00. Low torque.

Wire colors: RED+GRN=common, YEL=coil1, BRN=coil2, ORG=coil3, BLK=coil4

Jameco 155433

12V, 30 ohm, 1.8 deg, unipolar, 6-wire. About $21.00.

Wire colors: BLK+WHT=common, YEL=coil1, BRN=coil2, BLU=coil3, RED=coil4



Some 8-wire stepper motors made by Airpax have a top bundle of four wires and a bottom bundle of four wires. Common on the surplus market

Wire colors: YEL+YEL+GRY+GRY=common, TOP BLK = Coil 1, TOP RED = Coil 2, BOTTOM RED = Coil 3, BOTTOM BLACK = Coil 4. (Or, try: BOTOM BLK =Coil 1, TOP BLK = Coil 2, BOTTOM RED = Coil3, TOP RED = Coil 4.)