LCD Display

W. Durfee, Last update:

See the Arduino LCD tutorial:

New LCD displays are expensive, but they can also be found in surplus stores for $5 or less. Almost all LCDs are interfaced in the same way as shown in the Arduino LCD tutorial.

Your LCD may not have the same pin arrangement as the tutorial. Google to find a data sheet for your LCD. Determine which pins are pins 1 to 14.

The table below shows the LCD pin number, the function and the Arduino pin to connect to, following the schematic on the Arduino LCD tutorial. Note that there is no connection to DB0, DB1, DB2 and DB3.

LCD Pin Function Arduino Pin
2 +5V +5V
3 Vo GND or +5V
4 RS 12
6 E 11
7 DB0  
8 DB1  
9 DB2  
10 DB3  
11 DB4 5
12 DB5 4
13 DB6 3
14 DB7 2

You do not need the potentiometer shown in the Arduino tutorial schematic. Instead connect Vo (LCD pin 3) to either +5V or to GND, whichever causes the display to light.

Run the Arduino example program.