ver: 27-mar-00

There are many, inexpensive ways to lay out the electronic components which interface to your Stamp board. A good layout has the following features:

  1. All components are secured to some kind of rigid backing. Nothing is flopping in the breeze.
  2. Wires are only as long as they need be. No wire loops rising above the board.
  3. Component leads are trimmed so that there is no danger of leads shorting should they be bent.
  4. The entire project, including batteries, can be lifted with one hand. Everything is one one backing board.
  5. The project can survive modest drops and modest shaking without connections coming loose.
  6. All motor housings are secured so that the housing doesn't move when the motor is powered.
  7. Switches are anchored so that they can be operated with one hand.

Here are some pictures of circuits which interface an LED, a small motor and a switch to the Stamp. Use them for ideas.