Running Stampw.exe in ME308

ver: 19-oct-06

Find a computer in the ME308 cluster whose box is on the table so that you can get at the serial port around back. (Look in the side rooms.)

Connect your cable to the serial port and to your Stamp

Download a copy of stampw.exe from the ME2011 web site saving it into a folder you own (Desktop or Y:\drive). Stamp.ese is a small, 732 Kb, program.

Run stampw.exe and confirm that it can download a one line program to your board.

If you run stampw.exe and receive an error that the Basic Stamp cannot be found on any of the ports, and your Stamp board is connected and powered up, try the following:

  1. From the Stamp program Edit menu, select Preferences.
  2. Click the Editor Operation tab.
  3. Click on the box with three dots to the right of the Default Com Port pulldown menu.
  4. In the Com # box enter 1, then ADD, then OK..
  5. The Default Com Port will be set to AUTO, hit OK.

This should fix the problem.

Here's the same instructions, (pdf file) but with a few screen shots.