Prior to 2009, ME2011 used the BASIC Stamp microcontroller to control their robot. The BASIC Stamp is the world's easiest to use single board computer. It has digital inputs and outputs and is programmed in an easy-to-learn variant of BASIC.

BASIC Stamp Technical Information
Tutorial Information
BASIC Stamp Guide ( PDF file, 148 Kb)
BASIC Stamp Programming Summary ( PDF file, 22 Kb)
Stampw.exe editor (750K .exe file)
Debugging Tips
Debugging a Stamp board
Debugging a Stamp robot
Debugging Stamp circuits
Computer Connections
Connecting a Stamp to a USB port
Using a Stamp in room ME308
Demo Code
Samples #1
Information from Parallax
Parallax is the company that makes the stamp. The Parallax web site is a wealth of information
  • Homework Board: the Stamp board used in the course.
  • Homework Board Specs: technical details on the Stamp board used in the course.
  • Downloads: the main download area for documentation and software from Parallax.
  • BASIC Stamp User's Manual: Reference manual for the Stamp, including operating the editor and the complete Stamp command set. (PDF, 5.3 Mb)
  • BASIC Stamp Documents: All kinds of information about Stamps, including the BASIC Stamp FAQs (23 pp.), the BASIC Stamp Manual, Version 2.2 ( 351 pp.), the BASIC Stamp 1 Application Notes (126 pp.), and the BASIC Stamp 2 Application Notes (18 pp.).
  • Customer Applications: A collection of interesting Stamp apps developed by customers
  • Resources: More tech notes and applications. (Check out the "Nuts and Volts Columns")
  • Stamps in Class: A whole site devoted to using Stamps as a microcontroller education tool. The "What's a Microcontroller" book is a beginers introduction to the Stamp with some good application notes.

Interfacing Devices to the Stamp

Random Topics
Info on the BASIC Stamp Rev. D boards (an older model used previously by ME2011)

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