Arduino Microcontroller

The Arduino microcontroller is used by students in ME2011 to control a robot. It is an open-source, small, single-board computer with analog and digital inputs and outputs. The programming language is a simple version of C. Code is developed on a personal computer (Windows/Mac/Linux) and downloaded to the board through a USB channel.

Need information on the BASIC Stamp microcontroller used previously in the course? Look here.

Arduino Technical Information
Tutorial Information
Arduino Guide (PDF file, 338 Kb)
Arduino Programming Summary (PDF file, 22 Kb)

Demo code


Troubleshooting page

Debugging a robot

Also, these older links for debugging a Stamp board might be useful: Debugging a Stamp board, Debugging Stamp circuits

Information from Arduino
Arduino is the open-source project. The Arduino web site is packed with essential information


Getting your own Arduino Board

Mail order: 1. Sparkfun DEV-00666, 2. Amazon B004CG4CN4, 3. Maker Shed MKSP4

Local stores: 1. Radio Shack 276-128 (check online for stock) 2. Production Supply Solutions UNO-01 (Call Nick @ 612-741-9344 to purchase) 3. Micro Center 769448 (St. Louis Park)



Interfacing Devices to the Arduino

Note: This section is being converted from Stamp to Arduino, which may take some time.

ITP Physical Computing has good electronics and Arduino tutorials.

Data sheets for electronic parts

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