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Management Options


There are two options for putting your course/group/lab on the web. You can either have web@me manage the page(s) or you can do it yourself. Note that the webmaster cannot handle major tasks or the day-to-day chores of updating a course site. If you know you want to manage a page, please complete the online application.

You Manage the Page

For courses and other pages that change on a regular basis, web management is probably best left to someone other than web@me. Some of the essential features,

  • Complete control over content.
  • Able to frequently change page information without having to wait for web@me to post the page.
  • Most appropriate for course pages whose content changes regularly.
  • Requires knowledge of HTML and UNIX.

What You Need to Start

1. An MEnet account. If you do not have one, see MEnet Services for an account form or visit the folks in ME155.
2. Read the UNIX help docs for webpage management. You will need this for group management. MEnet also maintains documentation on UNIX and a variety of UNIX tools. Since the webserver is a Linux machine, you will need to use UNIX to post pages on your own.
3. Read the HTML Hints Guide. Included in the hints guide are HTML skeleton files for the main ME pages that you can copy and use as a base for creating your own pages.
4. Complete the online application for maintainer status. Please allow some time for processing.

web@me Manages the Page

The benefits of web@me management are

  • No need to know much UNIX or fuss with managing groups, etc.
  • Web maintains the links.
  • Appropriate for static pages like labs or group pages whose content changes infrequently.
  • Not appropriate for pages that need to be updated often like course pages.

If you have determined that your page can be managed/posted by the webmaster, you will need to do the following:

1. Send an email to web@me.umn.edu describing what you would like done.
2. Remember to tell the webmaster where links to your page would be most appropriate.
3. If you have HTML already written, you can inform the webmaster to post that.

Questions? Contact web@me.umn.edu

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