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HTML Hints for Webpage Management

The ME webpages were built with a consistent look in mind. If you'd like to keep the look of your course or lab page consistent with the other ME webpages or if you would like a starting point, you can use these two skeleton files:

Here are some useful HTML hints

  • Know Thy HTML! Index DOT html is one good reference. O'Reilly publishes a good refence book, "HTML: The Definitive Guide" by Musciano and Kennedy.

  • Keep images to a minimum. Many folks access the web over slow modem connections. If you would like to use an image you see elsewhere on the ME site, make a link directly to the original image rather than making another copy!

  • When using images, remember to use height and width tags. This allows the browser to render the page faster. Also remember alt="" text for those using text browsers.

  • Format your HTML! If you are using a text editor to create HTML files, you should try to format it like you would C or FORTRAN code (ie. indent table items, list items, etc).

  • Use an HTML validator. There is a lot of trashy HTML on the web. Let's not add to it. You should use W3C .

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