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Course Webpage Management

Online Documentation

  • UNIX groups - This explains all you need to know about managing UNIX groups---a must if you are maintaining a page.
  • HTML hints - Includes useful hints for HTML coding and example skeleton files.
  • Example course page - Use Edit/Page Source to view the html code for you own use.
  • If you have no knowledge of HTML you might as well consider starting with free software tools like WebCT. Note that the HTML code which commercial software generates is often not perfect, you may want to validate the code with validators like W3C.
  • Passwords - How to password protect part or all of a web page.
  • Locations - How to find your course web page.
  • Web page usage counter - How to use the MEnet Web page counter in your documents.
  • For any website related questions contact: meweb@umn.edu


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